How to Mine SHIBA INU Coin

Step 1 is to set up a Wallet. I set up mine with Guarda from I am using Ubuntu so I downloaded the Ubuntu installer. Create a new Wallet in case you don’t already have one. It will create crypto wallets for the different types of Crypto.

Step 2 is Download XMRig. This is the software that will do the mining for you. I downloaded for Ubuntu. Extract XMRig to the folder you want. I use and this will take you to the information you need to put in the config.json file that goes with the xmrig application. I choose randomx algorithm because I will mine with the CPU. Go down to pools in the config.json and change the lines that it mentions in unmineable. Once this is done contintue to step 3.

Step 3 is start the miner. Start the xmrig in the terminal and wait a few mintues to start up. Hit H to see what your current hash rate is.

Step 4 is to go and paste in your wallet address we got from guarda and it show up.

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