Common Network Ports

I thought it would be helpful to me to have the common network ports handy. I am Network+ certified, but sometimes I forget them.

Port Number Protocol Description
20 and 21 FTP File Transfer Protocol is used for sending files to and from a server
22 SSH The Secure Shell Protocol is used for sending encrypted data to a server
23 Telnet Telnet is used for an providing an unsecure interface to a server shell
25 SMTP The SMTP Protocol used for sending email between servers
53 DNS The Domain Naming Service is used to match computer names to IP Addresses on a network
67 DHCP The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol enables client computers to obtain a valid IP address on a network
80 HTTP HTTP allows clients to request web pages from servers
109, 110 POP Allows clients to communicate with email servers to read messages in their mailbox
137-139 SMB Microsoft servers use this for file and print sharing
143, 220 IMAP Provides advanced mailbox services for clients
389 LDAP LDAP provides access to directory services for authenticating
443 HTTPS Provides encrypted communication with web servers
2049 NFS Provides file sharing between Unix and Linux systems

In my learnning environment, when I typed in cat /etc/services in bash it listed all of the services available on my linux server.

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