Wireless Connectivity

One thing that I dislike is that everything is still wired. Messing around with cabling is not my greatest strength…I can do it, but find it more time consuming than enjoyable. We are living in an age now that we don’t need as many cables and cords anymore. We have technology now that can link two buildings that are kilometers or miles apart and have them be on the same network. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and he was talking about hooking two buildings that are about 30 yards apart with fiber. The cost was going to be about $3000 for the fiber installation, parts, and labor. This is actually not a bad cost if you want to go that route. I asked him if he thought about connecting it wirelessly. He had not thought of that and he assumed that it would not be as reliable. He would be wrong. Technology has  come along way and some people still argue that wireless connectivity is not as reliable as copper or fiber. This may be true in some cases, but not in all. I told him that I could have connected those two buildings for 10% of the cost using some antennae’s and receivers from Ubiquiti or many other manufacturers.

NanoBeam AC Gen2

The picture of the product above is what I am talking about. This is called the Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC Gen2 High Performace airMAX ac Bridge. These are on Amazon right now for $89 a piece. These things are amazing. I had the fortuitous opportunity to go out to Charlotte, NC to get certified to install these.

A small business could use this to connect to another building across the street so you don’t need two payments to an ISP. You could connect two outbuildings on a farm so that you can have the capability to connect cameras to tell when cows are calving. You could connect a wireless camera at a storage facility to your main building that is across the lot. You could use these at a campground to provide wireless internet to your guests. I would recommend these to anyone that needs to connect two buildings with network connectivity. There are so many things you can do with these. You would need two of them to connect two buildings. As long as you have line of sight you will be able to connect. If anyone has any questions they can get a hold of me on my Contacts page. I am certified to configure and install these.


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