Open Source Backup Solution URBackup

If anyone knows me, they know that I love open source and working with Linux. I figured the best way to start working with Linux was to start doing some projects. I have done a few projects now, but the one I just installed is UrBackup.


I have a lot of experience working with many different backup solutions, but none that were open source until now. UrBackup will backup Windows, Mac, and Linux clients and has client software for each. It is easily installed on both Windows and Linux servers. It does Full File, Incremental File, Full Image, and Incremental image backups. Below is the script to install it on your own Linux server.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:uroni/urbackup

sudo apt update

sudo apt install urbackup-server

It has a super simple web interface that seems intuitive and easy to use. With just a few clicks you can do a file restore.


I would usually recommend VEEAM for desktop for a home user, but if you are a small business, this is perfect. You could run this on something as simple as an Intel NUC or even on a Virtual Machine like I am. You can configure it for the local LAN or over the internet. I found this easy to use and set up. If you try it out please let me know what you think by emailing me via my Contact Page.


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