My Wi-Fi Setup

I love Wi-Fi. It makes things super convenient and you don’t have to deal with a wire mess. Most of the time it is really easy to set up, but it’s even more difficult to diagnose when things go wrong. It can be fickle and unreliable at times. Today I will talk about my own Wi-Fi set up and why I went with what I did.


I started out with a simple Linksys E1200 wireless router. This router works fine for a small amount of web surfing and light streaming. However, I have a family and we have quite a few devices that like to connect to wireless internet. That is quite a lot of streaming for this little board to handle. It has some firewall and vpn capabilities, but don’t count on this little board to keep you safe online. I wanted something that could handle more connections with no trouble and I wanted something that I could upgrade and not have to replace when the time came.

In February, I was fortunate enough to take an Ubiquiti certification course. I was able to become UEWA and UBWA, Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Administrator and Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Administrator certified. This course covered a lot of the theory behind radio frequency and signals and some of the administration.

So I upgraded to an Ubiquiti Security Gateway (USG), Unifi Access Point AC Lite, an Ubiquiti NanoSwitch, and a Netgear 10/100 desktop switch.

What I really like about these altogether is that it gives me a lot of versatility. I can always add more access points to different areas of the house if the signal is weak. I don’t even have to run a cable. The UAP AC Lite will connect wirelessly in what is known as a Mesh network. The Unifi Controller allows me to set up network rules like MAC Address filtering and it allows me to see what devices are on my network at any time. It may be a little over powered for my needs, but it allows me an Enterprise level functionality with a consumer grade cost. That is something that I really value. I also have the ability to set it up in a cloud service such as AWS or Google Cloud so I can control it even when I am not home.

This whole set up cost around $280, which is what you will spend on a high end consumer grade wireless router.

If any of you have any questions about wireless networking, troubleshooting, or where you can get these items please feel free to go to my Contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please like and share if you enjoyed this write up.

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