Raspbian Jesse (Lite) with Raspberry Pi 0

I really love tinkering with small computers to see what they will do. Recently, I purchase a Raspberry Pi 0 USB Stem. Which makes the Raspberry Pi 0 a USB computer. I keep on needing to go to another website in order to make changes to the burned image so I am just going to put them here so I don’t have to look them up anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love the site, but I always end up spending more time on that site drooling over electronics that I want and projects that I am dreaming of doing right now.

Click here to check out the site:

They give tutorials on their builds and I absolutely love the usb stem otg connector.

First step is to flash your micro-SD card with Raspbian-Jesse or Jesse Lite. I like to use Etcher to burn the image to the card.

Second step is open the boot partition and edit the config.txt file, adding dtoverlay=dwc2 to the bottom of the file.

Third step is to open the cmdline.txt file and add “modules-load=dwc2,g_ether” after rootwait.

Fourth is to create a new file named “ssh” in the boot folder.

After all this is completed you should be able to plug the Pi 0 into a USB port and SSH into it with Putty.

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