Alternatives to NES Classic and SNES Classic

When I was young I had a Nintendo Entertainment System that “Santa” brought me on Christmas morning. I had a blast playing it with my friends and parents. Ever since the NES Classic came out I have wanted one. I was really disappointed when they only produced so many of them and scalpers shot the prices up to a place where people could not afford or did not want to pay. Then the SNES Classic came out with some more of my favorite games with an affordable price and the same thing happened, but not to the degree that it did with the NES Classic. I then began looking at alternatives. Please feel free to click on the links and if you feel like purchasing that would be awesome because it supports my blog. If not that is ok too. At the bare minimum I just want to keep people informed that there are other alternatives out there that can be just as fun.

The Retro-Bit Super RetroTRIO combines the NES/SNES/Genesis into a 3 in 1 system where if you purchase the cartridges or already have them can play your favorite games and relive your fondest childhood memories. I did read some of the comments on the reviews. Some people did not have the proper TV to play with the Zapper and one person had one of their old cartridges fail. You actually need one of the old style CRT TV’s in order for the Zapper to work. Be careful using the old cartridges because they can be up to 30 years old. I also have links to newer cartridges with a ton of games on them. The connection is an S-Video connection so it will not be compatible with HDMI without an adapter. If you want to take a look at this option here is a link:

The Retro-Bit Duo is also a good choice if you don’t care for the Sega games or perhaps don’t need the Sega. This one has a 4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon and is just like the link above with except for the Sega slot.

Here are a couple links to a cartridge that contains multiple games that should also work with this system.

I do realize that not everyone is a fan of Nintendo. There are some people out there that appreciate the Sega Classic as well. I actually bought this one just before my birthday not too long ago and I got it home and played it. I was not too big of a fan of Sega growing up, but I thought my son 10 year old son might appreciate it and he did.  I was able to go to Target and buy it in store. Mine did not come with HDMI, only the AV cables which I was slightly disappointed in when I saw the graphics on my Sony Bravia TV. However, I still found the games fun and entertaining. It comes with 81 games pre-loaded on it including Mortal Kombat, Golden Axe, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

There is also another Sega alternative that looks a lot like the old Sega Gamegear that I used to play as a kid. I also saw this on the shelf at Target.

If you are really “old school” like me I think you might also enjoy the Atari Flashback 6, 7, or 8. 

These are great alternatives to the NES Classic and SNES Classic. I would recommend purchasing protection plans to go along with the console if you end up ordering one online. A protection plan will extend a warranty and I always get the extended plan when buying electronics. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it!

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2 thoughts on “Alternatives to NES Classic and SNES Classic

  1. A good alternative I found for myself, when I was looking for something like that. So here is a SNES Emulator. It replaced the old console Super Nintendo, that I used so often in school time, forgetting about the lessons. Now I am far beyond twenty-five, but I still play these games.


  2. There are plenty of emulators out there, but I try to be very aware of what I am downloading to my computer so that I don't get virus's. I do have an emulator on one of my computers. They are also fun to play.


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