Micro PC’s – The downgrade that is an upgrade

I know….confusing, right? As time goes on, technology seems to be getting smaller but more powerful. What I am referring to is known as Moore’s Law. Intel co-founder Gordon Moore noticed that the amount of transistors per square inch doubled every year (or two years) since their invention. This makes computers smaller and more powerful. The receptionist and accountant at the office no longer need a giant desktop that they kick every time they get up from their desk or high end laptop with cables going every where hooking up to different screens with a docking station. The new Micro PC‘s will do the job just fine and depending on the configuration can be just as powerful or more so and consume a lot less power to get the job done.

The Intel NUC is one of my personal favorites. This particular one comes in at about $500. It comes with an i5 processor so it has enough power to run MS Office applications along with Navision, Quickbooks, or just about anything else people at the office need. Something like this would be ideal for a home lab if you are a student majoring in Computer Science or Information Technology.

The Gigabyte BRIX is also a good choice. This particular one comes with Intel Celeron Dual Core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 120 GB SSD.


The next one is ideal for a project with your kids if you want to teach them about computers. It is “bare-bones” which means that it does not come with a hard drive (SSD), RAM, or an OS which will have to be purchased separately and installed later. However, the Core i5 that you can order along with the dual NIC’s, 802.11ac wifi, HDMI, and Display Port more than makes up for that and would work brilliantly as a home lab or you could even build any number of different projects with it.
I have installed a few of these mini-PC’s for customers and the love that they are small and don’t take up much room and they still are able to get all their work done everyday. They can also be mounted on the back of a customers screen if the screen has Vesa mount screw holes on the back of the monitor. There are cheaper and more expensive ones out there, but for a small business or home user I would really recommend these because they are not too expensive and not too cheap so you don’t feel like you are buying a piece of crap. I hope this helps on your next computer project or purchase.

Please click here and search for Mini-PC or Micro-PC


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