SSD’s I recommend

I have upgraded quite a few computers over the course of my IT career. Most of them have been hard drive upgrades going from an HDD to an SSD. The HDD is so much slower than an SSD. I can’t figure out why manufacturer’s are still putting HDD’s in machines. A lot of the computers coming out now like laptops already have an SSD in them, but some of the lower end computers still come with an HDD. Depending on how much data you have I recommend the Sandisk line of SSD hard drives. They come with either a disc or if you don’t have a disc drive you can download the cloning software as well. One tip is to make sure you are buying a big enough hard drive to hold the data you already have and allow for some additional space in case you want to install some other software.

You can also click here for an install guide.

You may also need one of these if you don’t already have one:

You should see an immediate increase in performance and much speedier boot times once the SSD is installed. I hope this helps and I hope I was able to give you good advice and save you some money!


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