Don’t buy that new computer just yet!

Is that old computer seem like it’s getting tired and slow? Thinking of getting a new one? Well, just hold on a minute and read this first. You may think that you may need a new computer, but in some cases it just is not so. The first think I recommend is to look at the Performance settings on your computer. You can do this by right clicking on the Task Bar on the bottom of the screen and open the Task Manager.

Once in the Task Manager look at the Performance tab and click on the Disk. 
You will be able to see your transfer rate and Active time. If the active time remains spiked at 90% or above, but all your other metrics like CPU and Memory are not spiked then I think you could get away with just upgrading to a new SSD hard drive, which are simple to install and configure. They can go from cheap to very expensive. There are a few different types of connections such as SATA, M.2, PCI-E to name a few. Even if you get the wrong one for your computer you will be able to get an adapter for it so it will still work. They usually come with software that you can install or download so you can clone the current OS configuration from your current set up onto the new SSD hard drive, then you can always format the old drive and use it for storage. I have done this on many customer machines and the customer is always glad that they were able to save money. One more thing, make sure to buy one that is big enough for all the data on your computer. I hope this helps you!

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