Wifi Range Extenders

Trying to fix your car, but can’t get adequate wifi signal in your garage? Well do not fret. A Wifi Range extender will do the trick. A wifi range extender will amplify the wifi signal from your wireless router so that you don’t have to buy another router and then run a network cable to where you might think that it will be best suited for your needs. There are a couple that I like. Both can be purchased on Amazon, but they are at different price points. I do recommend downloading a Wifi Analytics App to test the signal strength in your home so that you can determine the optimal place to install the device.


This one is less expensive, but it only has one port if you wanted to run a cable off of it. The next one is more expensive and has more ports.


Anyone of these would be perfect to get to the spaces in your home that are without wifi. Thanks for reading this article. If you are thinking of purchasing either of these please feel free to click on the Amazon Affiliate links. Thanks and have a great day!


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