Ubiquiti UAP AC Pro Access Point Review

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about these Unifi Ubiquiti Access Points and how they are so much cheaper than other access points of the same grade. I actually have quite a bit of experience installing these access points from one off installations to much larger installations like apartment buildings so I thought I would give a review a go.

The Access Point pictured is the Ubiquiti UAP AC Pro. What I look for in an Access Point is something that is easy to configure and easy to install with features that are intuitive and simple enough for a novice to understand and configure.

The Ubiquiti UAP AC Pro (http://amzn.to/2vtcEzl) meets that mark for me. Instructions came in the box and they were easy to follow with pictures to show me how to install it on drywall or on a suspended ceiling. The suspended ceiling looks really good by the way. The controller is free from the website as well and takes just a few minutes to install on a windows computer. I do suggest installing it on a computer that will be on all the time. The installation was easy and creating the wireless network was just as easy. As soon as it was created in the controller I powered up the access point and adopted it. It provisions it automatically. I would actually provision the access points before I went to do the install. At this time, I was part of a managed services provider and so this made it very easy. I would provision them before going on site and then I only need to spend the time to install them onsite and power them up and they would check in with the controller automatically.

If you are a managed services provider these are ideal. You can manage them all from a controller in the cloud such as AWS, Google Cloud,  or any cloud provider you would prefer for as many customers as you want.

This particular access point has a 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz radio and will support 127 clients per radio. This was more than I ever needed for any of my implementations. I had users that were streaming games, Netflix, and any other video streaming site in HD and had no complaints. The installation had been in an apartment building with 24 living spaces.  I had a couple implementations that had an ISP that ran Fiber in to the building and the wireless was screaming fast.

When I opened the box of my first installation I thought that there was no way that with this price point would we be getting a good quality piece of hardware. I must say that these are awesome. They are inexpensive, they are cost effective (you don’t have to buy subscriptions like other access points), they support a lot of users, they support fast speeds. You really can’t go wrong buying these access points for an enterprise environment or for the home. I would highly recommend these access points. If you are thinking about buying this particular access point then please click my affiliate link here http://amzn.to/2vtcEzl and it would help me out greatly. Thanks for reading!


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