Pinebook Pine64 Review

Hello all! It has been quite some time since I have had time to write on my blog. If you have read any of my other blogs on this site you probably know that I love Linux. I love tinkering with it and I love that it is so flexible that I can do almost anything with it. It can run on so many different platforms. It runs on desktops, servers, embedded devices, mini pc’s and many others. One thing I have always wanted is a Linux laptop. Most of what I was looking at was laptops that could double as workstations. They were very powerful and expensive. That is not something I could afford right now. I googled cheap Linux laptop and did some searching and found the Pine64 Pinebook. I thought it was very interesting. I had loved the Raspberry Pi. I have a few of those laying around for other projects that I am working on. They also produce a laptop and a mini pc type computer used mainly for learning, but they can also be used for many other projects like media centers, mini wifi camera’s and many other things.

I did some compare and contrast and the Pinebook fit much more into my budget at $99, not only that, but at the time it offered more RAM and CPU power so I chose the Pinebook. At the time I had to get on a waiting list in order to buy it and then when I got an email I went and ordered it. I knew it would take a long time to get to my door step as it was built to order, but it did show up before the deadline and they were very patient when ever I asked for updates. 
When it hit my doorstep I was ecstatic! I did have to wait a bit for the computer to charge, but it did not take long and I was up and running. When I turned it on the screen looked great. Very good quality for $99. The set up was so easy. It came with Ubuntu Mate already installed on it. The keys were just as good as the Dell laptop that I had at my job. It has a smooth, professional, clean look. It is thin and very light. At first glance I would mistake it for a Macbook if it were not for the Giant “Pinebook” lettering under the screen.

To compare this to a Dell laptop, or a Macbook would just be stupid. They have much more powerful processors, graphics engines, and much more RAM. However, to compare it to something like a Chromebook at their prices, I would take the Pinebook over the Chromebook any day. I would take it over the Pi-top as well because the Pi-top is so much more expensive. The pi-top does have other advantages over the Pinebook, like modularity, but at the price of the Pinebook I would say I would take the Pinebook. I don’t have anything against the Raspberry Pi…I own many of them myself, but this little laptop suits my needs just fine. Heck, I even wrote this blog with my Pinebook. If you read this and are considering the Pinebook. I would recommend purchasing it and I hope you do.


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